The End is Nigh is my first campaign and its set in Eberron, an established D&D setting. The players will start off in the fables metropolis of Sharn, capital of Breland. The campaign will span all over Eberron from Sharn to Xen’Drik, the lost continent.

Eberron is a magical world full of lands of all kinds. The continents include the main land of Khorvaire (where the human kingdom of Galifar reins), elven island of Aerenal, dragon ruled Argonnessen, mysterious Sarlona, frozen Frostfell, and Xen’Drik (location of the former empire of the giants). A mysterious force known as the Draconic Prophesy influences all life as higher powers try to decipher it. The prophesy has played an interesting part in the life of mere mortals by appearing in small parts on individuals for years. Those marked by the Draconic Prophesy became known as the dragonmarked and formed the twelve dragonmarked houses. Besides the dragonmarked houses stationed in Khorvaire the human kingdom of Galifar rules all life on the continent. The kingdom is known as the Five Nations, because it is separated into five, distinct, and united sub-kingdoms (Breland, Cyre, Karrnath, Aundair, and Thrane).

In 894 YK the last ruler of Galifar dies and Thrane, Karrnath, and Breland rejected Queen Mishann of Cyre’s claim for the throne and a great war began between all five nations. For a hundred years the Five Nations fought across the whole continent of Khorvaire in a dire war. Dragonmarked House Cannith created sentient constructs (warforged) for all nations that could pay to serve as untiring, unsleeping, and ultimately the best soldier possible. Then the nation of Cyre was fully destroyed in a cataclysmic event that became known as the Day of Mourning. Cyre turned into a desolate wasteland that wiped out everyone within the nation at the time. The other nations, fearing the mysterious power that could wipe out a whole nation, quickly came together to sign the Treaty of Thronehold. The treaty officially ended the Last War, ordered House Cannith to destroy all creation forges (responsible for the creation of warforged), recognized warforged as a free sentient race, and recognized twelve states as full-fledged nations on Khorvaire.

Now the year is 998 YK, 104 years later after the beginning of the Last War that changed the face of Eberron forever. The remaining four nations of the former Galifar kingdom despite the peace are stuck in a cold war, with each side fearing that the other nations possess the weapon that destroyed Cyre. With the tension high, each nation has maintained their army at the ready and espionage has became the new battleground as each of the nations try to gain an upper hand on each other. Besides the four Galifar kingdoms the other nations (Droaam, Valenar, Zilargo, Lhazaar Principalities, Mror Holds, Q’barra, Talenta Plains, Darguun, and the Eldeen Reaches) have their own interests as well from the militant elves of Valenar to the goblin ruled nation of Darguun. The dragonmarked houses, like during the war, continue to remain neutral by offering their various services to all who can pay and still have a large influence on the politics of the continent.

So now the campaign begins with a whole world open to exploration. Will you survive the crime infested Sharn metropolis, engage in espionage for a nation, travel to the dragon ruled nation of Argonnessen where the Draconic Prophesy is actively studied, explore the ruins and exotic jungles of Xen’Drik, visit the truly mysterious yet dangerous Sarlona where the Inspired rule, enter the unvcivilized nations of Droaam and Darguun, investigate the elven island empire of Aerenal, survive the dangers of the fiendish Demon Wastes, explore the fledgling nation of Q’barra, or discover the cause of the Mournland?

The End is Nigh

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