Korell ir'Wynarn

Famed scholar and cousin of Oagrev ir'Wynarn, last remaining heir to the Cyre throne and leader of New Cyre.


Korell’s mother was the sister of the Queen of Cyre during the Last War. Born in a time of warfare, Korell became a diplomat in hopes of seeking peace to end the bloodshed. While on his diplomatic duties, Korell was an avid scholar of all historical knowledge, especially the history of Xen’drik. For that reason he became a member of Morgrave University, a premier institution dedicated to seeking knowledge.

Korell was attending a meeting on a recent discovery in Xen’drik on the day of Mourning. Shocked by the destruction of his homeland and most of his family, Korell immediatly funded expediations into the Mournland to rescue any victims on the edge of the border. Finding his cousin, Oagrev, alive the two worked together to help any remaining Cyran survivors. Korell helped his cousin seek an audience with King Boranel of Breland to ask for the king’s permission to create New Cyre, a new home for all Cyran refugees in Breland. Korell declined Oagrev’s plead to join him in New Cyre, and instead told the prince he would live in Sharn where he could pursue his scholary interests and help his cousin through his many conacts.

Now Korell lives as a full member of Morgrave Univesity in Sharn. He still keeps in touch with his cousin and helps him when Oagrev asks. However, the bulk of Korell’s time is spent on attending lectures, examining recently discovered artificats, and funding expediations into Xen’drik. Recently, Korell has started funding adventurering groups to brave the Mournland in hopes of finding a clue to what created the death of his homeland.

Korell ir'Wynarn

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