Xavier Mercurial d'Orien

Xavier was born in Sharn into the Mercurial family, a prominent family in House Orien. He was named after his grandfather, who was known to be one of the kindest, gentlest, most generous men in the city. However, the day Xavier was born was the same day his grandfather died. Many considered this to be an omen.

Many years later, when Xavier was 27 when recruiters came through Sharn searching for soldiers to fight in the Last War. Many wanted Xavier to go to war because of his skills in both swordplay and magic, however, Xavier was able to buy his way out of enlistment. In his place went his younger brother, Kyle, who had a personality very similar to that of his grandfather. Kyle was doing rather successfully, being promoted several times. Xavier payed little attention to Kyle’s situation, as he was often busy with the smuggling ring he started with his friend, the shifter Flint Goldenclaw. However, everything changed on the fateful day of the incident that changed Cyre into the Mournland. Kyle’s unit was in Cyre on that day, fighting in the war. The accident killed him and his soldiers instantly. When word came to Sharn of Kyle’s death, everyone blamed Xavier. It was he who had refused to partake in war, and because of that Kyle was forced to go and he ended up dead. Therefore, it was Xavier’s fault that Kyle was killed in the Mournland.

Xavier was torn up inside after his only brother’s death. He felt an incredible amount of guilt, so painful that he actually locked the memory of his brother deep within his mind. He denied the existence of Kyle, and refused to go to the young man’s funeral. This made the public opinion of Xavier, the Mercurial family, and to some extent House Orien falter dramatically. The public began to refer to Xavier as “Xavier the Heartless.” When the secret about the Mercurial Smuggling Ring came out, public opinion fell even more. Now most people hate Xavier, considering him a shame to his brother and grandfather’s memories.

Today, four years later, Xavier locks himself away in his home, his only contact with the outside world being when he goes on a smuggling mission with Flint. The only other true companion he has left in the world is his family butler, Gabriel Rembrant. Gabriel takes care of Xavier, who has been under a great deal of stress that has taken a severe toll on him. For example, his hair has started to grey at the mere age of 31, he has become far more gaunt than he previously was, he was abandoned by his fiancée, Angela Fairport, and has fallen into alcoholism.

Xavier knows he has fallen from his once well respected position. He wants to one day redeem himself, to shed the guilt he feels about Kyle, and to make an honest living away from the Mercurial Smuggling Ring. He has begun taking baby steps towards making these reforms, beginning by performing some more benevolent, albeit still profitable, missions with Flint. However, he realizes that he cannot redeem himself while still affiliating with a professional smuggler. Flint, being a good friend, understands this, and has suggested to Xavier that he search for other companions who share a similar mind set to him.

Xavier Mercurial d'Orien

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